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Carol, did you get the member-only feed figured out?  This is Alan, the guy who wrote the app.You are not a troglodyte; I didn't make it easy enough to set the member-only username and password.For everyone trying to figure this out ...The member-only username and password is set through the iOS Setting app, not the BHP app.  It is labelled 'Settings'.  On iOS 6 and earlier, the icon is gray in color with a gear in the center and a portion of two smaller gears along the bottom.  On iOS 7, the icon is also gray, a computer fan grill (or two concentric circles with three equally-spaced lines radiating from the center).When you open the app, you get a table of settings, divided into sections.  The last section is settings for apps like the BHP.  The section is in alphabetical order.  Look for BHP and tap on it.  This causes the BHP app settings to be displayed and you can change them there.The first section is 'Playback Mode' with a single setting (Wifi Only).The second section is 'Member-Only' with the settings Username and Password.  If you haven't set these values previously, they will be pre-filled with the values 'username' and 'password'.  Replace the values there with the username and password in the e-mail from Jamie.  Make sure that the case of the letters match and that there are no embedded spaces in either value (unless Jamie's e-mail said there should be).If that doesn't work, maybe I can call you and talk you through this.  I am in the Pacific timezone and working with people in Beijing and Prague right now, so I am up all of the time anyway.alan