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I am working on the iPad version of the app.If you (or anyone else here) have any questions about or suggestions for the app, the best thing to do is to send me e-mail at [email protected].  I stay fairly busy and am not on the forum as much as I should be, so pinging me directly is better for getting my attention.Technical details that you can skip if you are not into that kind of thing:I tried to directly adapt the iPhone app to the iPad, but ran into two problems. 1. The aspect ratio for the iPad is not the same as the 3.5" or 4" iPhones.  It is more squat, so the banner image on the Podcasts and Members views take up more of the display area, leaving less for listing episodes and stuff like that.  2. Most of the images for things like the Player view buttons are too low resolution to look nice on an iPad Retina display.  I have to redraw stuff like that at the higher resolution.I have to rework enough things to properly make use of the iPad display area that I have been working on redesigning the interface to also add functionality like display info about when and where the events described in the podcast are happening to help keep those events in context.Plus, I have been thinking about how to do the Android app as well.alan