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I take a lot of things associated with Arthurian legends with a huge pinch of salt for the reasons that Mak has stated that they are all medieval additions. I was born and grew up in North Wales and there is not a lake that I know which doesn't have some kind of story/superstition of the other/fairy world. I'm not an expert on this but its probably got to do with the whole thing of places swords or things of value in lakes/bodies of water to give to the godsAs for Avalon, there are so many places (and many more popping up all the time) that claim to be the site of Avalon thats and I don't think there was just one place called Avalon and the place of Avalon was probably an amalgamation of different islands or groves where sacred things happen but also many celtic iron age communities used to live in crannogs which are man made islands in lakes