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Like many things that people think part of the ancient Arthurian myth, the likes of Merlin, Morgana, roundtable, sword in the stone, Lady of the Lake, Holy Grail etc, are all later medieval additions to the myth. Not one of these makes an appearance in any early Welsh texts … which are the earliest we have. Whether they were part of the Breton tradition is a moot point, but they didn't start to appear until the after the 12th century when the Norman, Bretons and French got a hold of the legend.As for Avalon or Welsh Afalach, it is a mystical, mythical island in the western ocean, which is placed differently by the Bretons, Welsh, Cornish and Irish. They all may have had their own sitings for where it was, including Anglesey and Bardsey, but, again, it only appears with Geoffrey of Monmouth in the 12th century. If it was part of an earlier Welsh or British tradition it hasn't survived, and each region probably had there own ideas of where it was.Mak