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That was some extremely fascinating reading.  I found particularly interesting the connection between the Anglesey's propensity for the growing of apples and the name “Avalon” referring to a place where apples are grown.  Furthermore, I think it extremely interesting how prominent the myth of the Lady of the Lake is in Arthurian legend.  Considering how important and sacred lakes were to the belief system of the Druids, it is no wonder that there is the inclusion of the Lady of the Lake in Arthurian myth.  What's thought-provoking are the large amounts of artifacts found in archaeological digs in dried lake beds, showing that the artifacts were thrown into the lake as sacrifices/gifts to appease their deities.  This bears significance to the tale of the sword Excalibur, which was brought up from the lake as a gift from the Lady of the Lake, then thrown back into the lake to be given back.  That is a fascinating connection there.