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Thanks for the quick and comprehensive reply Jamie,I hadn't seen this thread or I would have posted here initially.Yes, hatemail is one of the things I'm worried about, not because I can't take it or don't like a bit of criticism, more that my subject matter is going to generate so much of it! The period I'm covering is so controversial and disputed that I can just see myself getting flooded with mail from religious fanatics and zealots.Now don't get me wrong, I am a religious person, I am a very active and dedicated christian, which means I ascribe to certain ideas about life on earth, but that doesn't mean that I'm completely ignorant of what science has shown us. And its those people I'm afraid of.My plan is to just start where writing and cities start, there's really very little to make a podcast out of before that, I'm just worried as it will take up to the first 10 or so episodes before I'm anywhere near out of it, and those are the ones people will listen too first. But, are also a very important part of the narrative. What a pickle, aye?Did you have much backlash from your pre-history episodes?