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Well, it really all comes down to sound quality.  But here's the thing about it, while you will get some people who will get turned off by poor sound quality, most people will care about what you're saying and how you're saying it more than the quality of your mic.One trap people tend to fall into is to buy expensive hardware and assume that will make a good product.  For example, buying an expensive camera to do photography.  Now if you're really good at photography, you can make use of that camera and you might need it.  But if you're new to photography, chances are your photos won't look that much better than they would with a cheaper camera.I started with a built in microphone and then, once I started getting a following, I rapidly changed mics and tried to find something that worked for me.I ended up settling on a microphone that was recommended by James Cartwright (the voice actor who is doing the Arthur episodes).  And once I got it, I ended up re-recording my earlier episodes.  But the thing is that it was more to fix my delivery than the sound quality (though the sound quality was certainly poor).The point I'm rambling towards is that you don't need the set up I'm going to describe in order to podcast.  If I were you, I'd just start with what you have available and just start recording.  Also, practice.  It'll take some time before you get comfortable talking into a microphone, so you'll want to take some time doing practice sessions before you release them into the wild.  But seriously, passion and knowledge is more important than equipment.Anyway, here is what I use.Blue Snowball MicrophoneNady MPF-6 Pop FilterBlue Ringer Shock MountRode PSA-1 Swivel MountAlso, I use Audacity 1.3 Beta recording software.And please let us know when you launch your podcast!