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I love your humorous sarcasm when you mock the right.  I've found myself laughing unexpectedly when walking on the street, and the odd looks that generates.  Don't stop.

You and me both  ;) That's one of the reasons I like this podcast so much; informative and witty, a great combination for learning something new.Regarding the advice and the bit about hatemail, I really do pitty people who take everything so seriously. That is one of several things I dislike about modern day society (including politics) is that people get so wound up about things that they miss the point entirely. I am sure I have had negative reviews about my website (about a British regiment during WW1) on other forums etc. but I just take it with a pinch of salt. They are entitled to their opinions even if I don't necessarily agree with them. But to go as far as hating someone because of something they have said in a history podcast is just ridiculous. I think the posrson who wrote the 5 page screed needs to have a reality check.Keep up the excellent work Jamie  :D