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It turns out the skill set for Podcasting doesn't overlap a lot for videocasting.  The videos we took look pretty awful.  So I think what I'll be doing is an audiocast with written materials for recipes, etc.  I'll see what I can do about collaborating with someone who understands how to properly frame a video for future attemps... but yeah, the video is pretty rough so it'll be audio for now.  ;)

Awful how? How did you set it all up? What was the lighting and sound like? Many years ago I was a media student and made my own 45 minute film so I know how difficult it can be to set everything up. I look back at my own stuff and think it is utter crap but the basic practice of setting up for video is always going to be a slight challenge if you haven't done it before. Framing the subject or scene can be tricky but I found after a while it sort of came naturally although we had several classes on the theory behind it at the time  ??? Lighting and sound can be a proverbial pain in the backside if you don't get it right and believe me I learned the hard way by making a total hash of things when looking at the rushes in the editing suite.I agree with Laura. I am impressed with everything you have put together so far and considering how much time it takes to complete just one normal episode I am significantly more impressed that you still find time to create additional members only podcasts as well as come up with additional ideas (and try to put into practice) the Anglo-Saxon cooking video, not to mention spend time on the main website, this forum and facebook replying to questions etc.!!!  I don't think many people put that much energy into a product they professionally get paid for :oI, too, shall look forward to listening to the audio version.