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If you're interested in Russian history (not necessarily ancient) and biographies I would recommend the biographies by Robert Massie:-Peter the Great: His Life and World (1981)-This one covers Peters life but also includes a ton of information on other European rulers, and shifts in Russian society due to modernization.-The Romanovs: The Final Chapter (1995)-This one deals with the execution at Ekaterinburg and the conspiracies surrounding potential survivors (Anna Anderson ect).-Nicholas and Alexandra: An Intimate Account of the Last of the Romanovs and the Fall of Imperial Russia (2000)-Catherine the Great: Portrait of a Woman (2011)Also on Russian history (again not ancient), I'm presently reading The Diaries of Sofia Tolstoy (2009) (Translated by Cathy Porter). If you've seen the film The Last Station and were intrigued by the relationship between Tolstoy and Sofia then this book is very interesting!