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I don't really know about the technical aspect nor do I expect anything at this point, but ideally what I would like to see is:A group of administrators including Jamie and a few handpicked members;Members who can contribute to the pages by making any major change, such as the removal of incorrect paragraphs or entire pages;Listeners can make small edits such as date changes, grammar, etc.

This is mostly doable I think (I am still learning mediawiki myself) with the setting up of group permissions but you don't have control over how much someone edits a page unless it is semi-protected, so if the content is not so good it would be up to the reviewers or admins to put it right. Pages can also be fully protected as well as semi-protected if the content on that page is as accurate or as informative as it is going to get or for whatever reason you choose. Jamie would be the head honcho so Sysop and Administrator. I wouldn't recommend too many admins but a small trustworthy group would be fine.