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Sorry for going off-topic but I will try to answer your questions, do move or delete as necessary.You would be right in your guess, setting up a wiki can be a great deal of time-consuming effort but it is worth it in the end. The actual installing and setting up of the software is quick but the following can take time if you want to do it properly and I know your time is going to be tight especially with everything you are working on with the podcast. Anyway, you (or your friends/webmasters) would have to do the following:Decide which wiki software you would like to use (I use mediawiki);Create your legal pages such as copyrights, privacy policy, disclaimers and choose which license to use for the site (I use a Creative Commons ShareAlike license but there are others to choose from);Create a decent set of help pages for your users (not mandatory but a quick guide is definitely useful);Create a varied selection of templates that add form and function to the article pages so it isn't just text on a white background, for instance the infoboxes or collapsible tables etc. you see in wikipedia (these really make a difference to any wiki);Install any extensions that you think would be benefitial to the site (not mandatory but some extensions improve the running of the site inc. spam prevention);Once the basic setup is complete, then:Add your information (article pages);Maybe create some portal pages to different areas of the site that cover the various different dates you have covered, these would be the hub for each period in time;Upload images to go in the articles (always better to have images to go with your text);Oh and make sure you add loads of internal links to other pages and absolutely categorise everything to make navigation easier and so google, yahoo, bing etc. can crawl your site easier too.It is a lot of work. You also need to bear in mind that your license depends on how the text is used/edited. Which brings me to members contributing etc. Accuracy is always going to be a problem. Because of the nature of wiki editing by other people is what it was designed for but you can apply restrictions to stop anyone just messing around with all your hard work:Only have registered users not open editing;Configure your spam prevention extension/sSet your permissions so only email confirmed people can edit page (there's lots of indiviudal and group permissions), you give different users in different groups different permissions, much the same as you would find in most content management systems;Ask people you know you can trust to become administrators or users who have contributed accurate material in the past to become reviewers etc. who then can control what is added to an article (there is an extension that does this).Obviously, anything that isn't accurate or correct can be quickly reverted and you would have sysop rights, which basically you have permission to do everything. Something to think about maybe a year or two down the line if you feel the British History Podcast can expand in that direction. If not, it doesn't really matter as you already have a quality product followed and enjoyed by many people  :D