Re: Re: A Wiki Page



I think that there are loads of ways to research British history already in existence.  What Jamie adds with the podcast is an accessible way to listen to the story of British history.  I think a wiki would be a great deal of work for not much added value.  The forums already provide a way for us to comment on the content and to get to know one another.  If someone really wanted a wiki, I think a forum member would be the one to set it up and manage it and then Jamie could be just another editor if he chose.  I (selfishly, I know) would prefer that Jamie had more time to devote to the podcast and a wiki would possibly diminish that.  Given the enormous scope of what he's already taken on. . .

You are a wise woman Carol and yes, I agree that Jamie has far more important things to do than working on a project such as this due to time contraints. However, I think you are being a little harsh in your view that there isn't much added value in a wiki (for the amount of work that goes into it). There are many dedicated wiki websites and their owners (myself included) that take a lot of time and effort to produce a quality product; you get out of it what you put in. Wikis are incredibly useful tools if set up and used properly and your thoughts about having forum users set it up and run it is an excellent idea. It does take time and some knowledge of the program to get a quality and informative wiki going. Plus, if the users of the forum or facebook are the main contributors then it wouldn't be Jamie's project, it wouldn't carry his unique style and it couldn't be called the British History Podcast Wiki either, or something along those lines, it would have to be called something else and loosely affiliated with the podcast, if Jamie allowed it. That to me could be potentially harmful to the podcast and none of us want that.I get where you are coming from though and no, you are no selfish, not at all. We all want the podcast to continue to be the best in its field and I too would prefer Jamie to devote his time to the current projects he already has  8)I think the idea is worthy but in reality not yet feasible and so it can be put rest  ;)