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I don't know how I missed this topic, but I really do appreciate it.  Also, as I signaled at the end of the most recent episode, I'm pivoting to some cultural matters for the next few weeks (which will certainly gain me some grouchy listeners who only want Kings).To give you a little bit of an insider's view, what I'm trying to do is balance Kings and culture.  When I spent ages talking about food, dining, travel, and the like I had an absolute blast.  However, I was getting a lot of emails and reviews complaining that some people didn't feel like we were moving forward in history and they wanted to know the politics of the time.  With the drama of Northumbria, I had something that I could really frontline and give you a story that really belongs in Homer or Shakespeare.  But with the death of Penda, that is largely over... Oswiu and Wulfhere are still out there, but the real craziness has subsided for a little bit.  So I thought I'd talk about how society is changing.  Going forward, what I'm trying to do is cover some Kings and some story line, and then cover some culture, and go back and forth to try to keep everyone happy.  Or at least, keep everyone mildly annoyed that their favorite aspect isn't covered exclusively but not so annoyed they turn it off.  ;)And I absolutely understand you feel lost with the names... there's a ton of Os names and AEthel names.  So let me see if I can help with some of the Northern characters.AEthelberht was the king of Kent who worked with Augustine to convert the SouthRaedwald was the Pagan king of East Anglia who replaced him as Bretwalda.AEthelfrith was the king of Bernicia who became the King of Northumbria and was killed by Raedwald.Edwin was the exile of Deira who was saved by Raedwald and made the King of Northumbria.Cadwallon was the King of Gwynedd who was exiled by Edwin and later came back to defeat him.Penda was a warleader of Mercia who became King after killing Edwin in battle.Oswald was the son of AEthelfrith of Northumbria who returned from exile and killed Cadwallon.Aidan was the bishop of Lindisfarne and friend of Oswald.Oswiu was Oswalds brother who was a bit of a brutal king of Bernicia.Oswine was Oswiu's cousin and king of Deira until Oswiu had him killed.AEthelwald was Oswiu's nephew (Oswald's son) and king of deira until Oswiu at least had him dethroned and quite possibly killed.Alhfrith was Oswiu's son and king of Deira... and he better watch the hell out.  Oswiu has started to develop a pattern.Paeda was the son of Penda who ruled the southern Mercians before dying due to his wife's trechery (who was also Oswiu's daughter)Wulfhere was the son of Penda who lead a rebellion against Northumbria.  Also, his name means... WOLF ARMY!!!!!!  Do you realize how nutty that is?  Once upon a time we were naming our kids Wolf Army, and now the only time names like that are used is when a 12 year old sets up his first Xbox live account.  ;)Does that help?