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It is starting to be a blur. The names are dizzying!!!! This is a new era of history for me. I had known Rome pretty well and from the Norman Conquest I am also pretty well educated. But I never bothered to really try and understand the Anglo-Saxon era. Other than a few of the stories, all of the information is new. The names are very foreign and similar this confusing. You almost need a program written down to look at to figure it all out. That and it seems that about half are all sons of Ida! But still, it would be neat to also cover everyday life of the Ango-Saxons and how they were dealing with the rest of the known world. We know for instance that there was trade across the channel. We know also that Britain may not have been as well known as it was 600 years earlier thanks to the fall of Rome, so some interesting changes! I know when I see artifacts from the Roman era and compare them to the Anglo-Saxon era I really see a backwards movement of technology. I wonder if society and trade also went backwards as far too! To some extent I know the answer is yes, but how far?