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Hi Laura,So on Deadlines, I've thought about this quite a bit and I have some flexibility with the firm on when to decide what I want to do.  But I think I really need to give them an answer within a month.  So lets say one month.  That being said, my birthday is coming up on Tuesday and it would be a super awesome present if I could get hired by the podcast by then. :)With regard to small business loans, the problem is that I'm trying a largely untested model here.  No banks are going to want to back it because they'll rightly be asking "show us an example of where this has worked."  And the problem is that conventional wisdom is that you can't make a job out of podcasting.  I think we can prove that wrong, but banks typically don't fund aspirations.  ;)As for advertising, I don't want to clutter up my episodes with a bunch of ads.  In fact, my opening and closing are still a bit too long for my taste.  So adding to that something where I'm shilling for another company could very easily tip it over into an area where I start getting negative reviews and complaints.  Besides, I don't know of anyone who advertises on a podcast and is able to podcast full time as a result.  The returns are typically pretty low.  So my thought is that we need to get to the point where I can devote my time to doing this all the time and produce a really good product.  That's the idea of this fund raiser, we just need this project to make enough to keep the lights on while I bust my ass.  The hope is that if all the extra time and hard work pays off, we will be able to get 1,000 true fans to back the project eventually.  And then we will have proven the conventional wisdom wrong, and that Podcasting is not just an important medium but also something that is more than simply a hobby.  It's legitimate and should be treated as such.  Funny you should mention the NPR model.  That's sort of what I have in mind.  Except rather than doing a yearly fundraiser, I'm just trying to kickstart this experiment and then hopefully I'll do a good enough job that 1) the podcast will retain most of the members and 2) other people will want to be a part of this.  Ultimately, I don't want this to be just something you're buying, but rather it should be an experiment we're all a part of.  (I know, I'm huge hippy.  Heh).As for businesses supporting it, they typically want a return on investment.  And the problem is I have worldwide listeners from a wide variety of backgrounds.  There isn't much of a business advantage to sponsoring because why would someone in Nottingham care whether or not a firm in Portland backed a podcast.  You know?  But I don't want you to think that I'm dumping all over your ideas.  They're great and you've clearly put a lot of thought into it.  I can tell, because I've thought about this a bunch and I had pretty much the same ideas as well.  Hehe.  I'm just explaining why I am going the route I am (and hoping it works out). The idea of having a specific series sponsored is an interesting one.  The only time I've ever done anything like that was the Scotcast for Ewan and it wasn't really sponsored, it was just that I'm a softie and want to keep kids interested in history.  ;)  Also, it was a great idea.  But the truth of it is (and this is bad business to be admitting this) if I think something is a great idea I'll probably cover it regardless.  No bribery is needed.  I'm a huge nerd and love to talk about cool stuff.  So, as an example, when a listener asked me to talk about travel I thought "That's a great idea!" and Travels with Cerdic was born.  ;)And like you, I'm not an economist, so I'm sure I'm making plenty of mistakes here.  I'm just sort of hoping that people will value this enough to want to be a part of the project, regardless of my business mistakes.  ;)  And as a side note, now that I know you're a psychologist I'm wondering exactly what all of this tells you about my personality.  Hehe.Anyway, thank you!  You've been a great help and I really appreciate the fact that you want to find ways to support the project.  That means a great deal to me!Jamie