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Jamie,A couple of questions/thoughts:1.  You mention your numbers to make this doable for you but I didn't hear a deadline or timeline.  Is there a "drop dead" date; that is a date by which you need the 150 new members?  People sometimes respond to a deadline.2.  Could you seek out sponsors/advertisers or some kind of small business loan?  Basically, what kind of cash options could you tap into vs strictly members only donations?3.  I am thinking of the NPR model.  Many NPR stations connect to a university or college and then get money from members, the government (as long as that holds out) and day sponsorships/business infusion.  Would one of the local colleges in the Portland area be willing to give some kind of donation to sponsor something that would jive with what they were doing?    4.  You might explore ideas of having members sponsor more than just an episode.  For example, if someone has a particular interest in a bigger topic than one podcast they might think of giving more money (you might even set a suggested amount) for a series (some aspect of the Tudors, for example, would get me to pony up money for a series vs. just one podcast).I am a psychologist, not an economist, so am not sure how best to raise the kind of money you would need to make what you do a career vs. a hobby.  I think what you offer is very valuable.  Being able to do what you love vs. what you have to do to make money is a no brainer except when it comes to living the kind of life that allows you to eat, live and travel as you would like.Hope this helps.Laura