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Like a few others have said here, I have become a member recently because I have been enjoying the podcasts and want to support this project. Having only discovered the podcast a month or so ago, I'm a bit behind on the podcasts and the fulltime job situation. The reason that I started listening to the podcast was that I am going to be visiting Great Britain in October and wanted to know more of the history before going. One of the consequences of listening to the podcast is that I have added the Orkneys to the itinerary (because everything cool is on the Orkneys). I've been spending a fair bit of time on the Scottish and English Heritage websites finding out information on places to go.My suggestion then for funding working fulltime on the podcast is to work with various organisations that have a connection to tourism. Perhaps tourism boards for various areas would sponsor a podcast specifically on the history of their area. "The British History Podcast guide to everything cool on the Orkneys". Sponsorship could be in the form of a once only payment for the podcast or a smaller amount paid for each download of the podcast. A series of podcasts could be produced for the Heritage organisations as "enticements" for people to visit the various sites they are responsible for or as audio guides for the sites. Of course, for these organisations they already have audio tour guides available at some sites however the podcasts could cover those sites that are unattended or could provide a cheaper option ("audio guides are available for hire at the venue for 5 pounds or download the podcast for only 1 pound 50").How about a smartphone app that reads the location from the phones GPS and then downloads a short piece on the historical interest of the location or general area? "Hi, my name is Jamie. You at at Vindolanda...." or "Hi, my name is Jamie. Nothing interesting happened here but just down the road is where...". Perhaps a start on this could be align with the blue plaque things they have around London.I noticed a few posts that raised the issue of making a living, saving for retirement etc? I agree these are important things to be considered and is something I had thought when I first heard Jamie mention doing the podcast full time. What happens when the podcast gets to today? Does Jamie have to then resort to reading the UK papers for the podcast? This would be bad because I will fall asleep while listening and I listen to the podcast while driving. Instead, perhaps BHP becomes WHP. Yes, there are other podcasts that cover history but do they have Jamie's awesomeness in doing so? I think not.