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Hi Jamie,I read your reply to Laura, and I had some toughs.First because my Dutch background I would like to contribute to the episode about de Anglo-Dutch sea wars. (I do count on a favorable outcome this time, for the Dutch, I mean ;)I can imagine that there are more members with a specific interest who want to contribute for special episodes.Second I think that there may be companies with a similar interest. How cool it would be when British Mail presents al her employs with a Jamie Jeffers Podcast on CD for Xmas with the history of there company on it. It would make a great, and very modern, gift for an ancient company with a lot of history. Moreover I would (some time after Xmas) as a ordinary listener also be interested. I think this would apply for almost every institute with a history link in some way. New opportunities wil appearJamie, I don't think you are doing anything wrong. It worked for me and you got me out of my inactiveness. New ideas need new methods, and I think the crowd will support you in one way or the other.All the best with the project.Hugo_NL