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Great podcast, as usual, Jamie.  I found a few things you mentioned (the bawdy riddles, public drinking establishments and overall violent nature of the drunken Danes) have appeared in the book club book (The Last Kingdom).  I love tie-ins like that.  One question I had; you mentioned that women appear to be the ones that made the ale and mead, but do we have stories of drunken women?  You talked of the women who served as cup bearers to the kings, but I was curious if in your research you came across stories of drunken women.  We have to assume they were drinking ale and mead, etc., too, if the level of production was as high as you report.  It often disappoints me that in history we get far fewer stories of women's exploits than men.  I know that can be for so many reasons (less focus on women, less opportunities for them, more time women spent doing things to support men, etc).  I like to try to get glimpses of regular women doing whatever it is they did in a particular historical period.