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This was an interesting subject to begin with so you were always going to be on a winner here Jamie. Great episode that was quite enlightening. It reminded me of watching a Time Team a few years ago and they were making their own ale. It was interesting to watch, especially as Phil Harding tastes the product of the first mash. Its strength was something equivalent to about 10% (maybe more, could be less I don't remember) then the brewer explained that when the mash was used a second time the strength was about 6-8% and a third time it was about 3-4%. How they used the ales was something along the lines of:1. The strong stuff is what would be drunk for a typical night on the town getting sloshed and having a good time and maybe having a good old-fashioned punch up to relieve some pent-up aggression;2. The 2nd strength and slightly weaker ale was like a general and weaker table beer that the women could drink (but still stronger than the average beer we have today);3. The 3rd strength was even weaker and was typically for the children.The mash was no longer usable after its third use.