Re: Re: 5/21 – Website Changes



Jamie, I was thinking with the 'get involved' section on the main website you could, rather than just link to the photographs board directly, maybe add a page similar to what you have done with the film/book club pages and include a couple of sentences about it, what we like to do and what we have done so far. It would look even better with say two, three or more random photos from the pool in between the text with a link to the photographs board at the bottom. What might be fun to get people really involved is to maybe have a proper 'photo project' (the BHPPP) where the goal is to try and photograph as many significant (or insignificant - the smaller places are just as important) places relevant to British history: castles, ruins, countryside, town and cities, Roman remains, items such as finds etc. etc. It doesn't necessarily have to be pertinent to the podcast per se just British history in general and welcome members from FB as well as I am sure there are more people on there than the forum. It would be pretty cool to build a photographic database that will take us on a journey from the beginnings to present day.When there are more photos the board could even be divided into regions such as 'north west', 'midlands', 'south east' etc. or simply just counties to help with navigation.I know this means more work in your already hectic schedule. Maybe just consider it for now and if you don't like the idea, no worries. I will try and get more photos over the summer months when I can  ;)