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Really enjoyed the episode Jamie. Great to hear your sarcasm in full swing….amusing to say the least but you pick up some very interesting points and I like the way you back your claims using other sources from mainland Europe. The whole invasion/migration theory, in my humble opinion, will never be answered for the simple fact that we have no hard evidence in the form of the primary sources we so desperately need and so we can only go on what we, as individuals, believe to be true based on what we have: conflicting texts written many years after the fact.Your points about Saxon burials that we know of, or rather the lack of Saxon burials in general, in the fifth century and how this increases over a period of time is interesting for the migration theory. I will have to listen to the episode again but I am favouring the invasion/migration as one event that is drawn out over a much greater period of time where the former almost follows the later as a simple, yet natural progression as the two peoples eventually mix. I did notice your lengthy debate with Howard in the topic 'Badon, Ambrosius, and Arthur' and it just goes to show how we, as individuals, interpret the information we have before us. However, the fact remains, and I know this is pessimistic, but we will never know for sure. I just wish someone would say 'this is how it happened.....' and tell me in great and exact detail what really happened during this period in this country's fascinating and turbulent history. Never going to happen though¬† :-Anyway, great episode¬† :)