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I was really surprised in this podcast that you had thought the myth podcast wasnt well recieved.

I'm surprised too. Did you receive some negative emails in the abscence of comments on the website? I thought the myth podcast was pretty darn good to be perfectly honest. We hadn't anything like it before, it was an interesting story and you did all the voices, which I thought cool  ;) I guess it isn't going to be to everybody's tastes but at least you are adding some spice into the mix so it isn't just one chunk of history after another.....that can get stagnant and lose listeners. I believe you have shown an immense amount of thought and creativity and I can see how hard you have been working to produce this for us.The direction of the podcast is going the right way....forward, which is always a good start  ???  But seriously though, just keep doing what you are doing. So, my simple but humble views are:1. DO throw in the myths and legends from time to time because these DO make for interesting listening;2. DO take a slight u-turn if there is an interesting story to follow;3. Don't be afraid to step backwards or forwards in time (even by many centuries) if there is parrallel somewhere and a point to be made;4. Interviews with someone knowledgeable in a specific field of interest will certainly enhance the history but keep it short (ish), about ten minutes and really get to juicy bits you want to cover. Oh, and I think this will always work best in the members only episodes. 5. Please DO another Q and A, that will be great (as I missed the first one);6. Maybe ask more regularly, say every ten to twelve episodes, if people are happy with the progression. You shouldn't really need to but if you are concerned then more frequently will give you a better idea of what people would like to hear from our humble host. Maybe make a bigger point of this on the forum and plug it in the podcasts every now and again so we can talk about it more here instead. Lots of people don't use facebook, myself included.7. Please please NEVER STOP being witty and sometimes sarcastic, this really enhances the episodes, makes it very much your style and voice and also it's what makes the British History Podcast different. I loved it when you 'had a go' at the modern Druids, brilliant!  :D