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I understand where you are coming from. Covering one war let alone two is one heck of giant undertaking but you could include some highlights, maybe, for those of us who have interest in this field. Not sure I agree with you though on the whole WWI and WWII is one war with a brief pause. Both wars were very distinctive and individual entities separated by 21 years of peace, fought for different political reasons with different belligerents. Sorry for going off-topic in this thread but I thought I should mention my view.While the Great War was initially triggered by the assination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria in Sarajevo by Serbian terrorists, the whole knock-on effect started with Austria-Hungary blaming the Serbian Government and in turn the Russian Army mobilised in preparation for an Austria-Hungarian attack on Serbia. Germany sided with Austria-Hungary and declared war on Russia and France, and later Great Britain because she was protecting her trade routes through Belgium, the need to defend her coastline and because of Brtiain's obligation to defend Belgium in the Treaty of London in 1839. Along with other political issues involving Russia and Turkey, and that Britiain did not want Germany to be a dominant power in Europe, which she already was meant that the Great War was inevitable. It included many countries but not on the same global scale WWII. The Treaty of Versailles could have effectively destroyed Germany and it did do a lot of damage, it did not, however, destroy or pacify her completely. Ok, lands were taken from her, polical unions were disallowed, namely with Austria, military strength reduced and Western Germany was demilitarised, reparations had to be paid mainly to France and Belgium for the cost of all war damage during the war (amounting to £6.6 billion, which was an impossible amount to pay) amongst other items in the treaty and this, along with other political struggles, was in my eyes anyway, the start of the rearmament of Germany and bringing her back to strength under the new rule of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party when he was appointed the role of Chancellor of Germany. He pretty swiftly changed everything from that point on creating the totalilitarian regime of the Third Reich and there was pretty much no way of stopping him, especially as he was building up Germany's military strength secretly for some time in preparation to overturn the treaty and start the New Order of the Aryan race across Europe. Of course I haven't even mentioned the Pacific. They were both very different wars faught for different reasons, it just so happens that the instigating country happened to be the same in both cases. I know it is extremely complex and I don't think I would like to cover them both in detail but covering the basics would be interesting. Like you say see you feel when you get closer to the time.BTW, love the whole Scotcast theme and episodes  :D