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Hi, I'm commonly known as Jessie, and I'm *mumblesanumberthatstartswith30* from Tracy, CA.  That's about an hour from civilization (meaning the greater San Francisco area or the not-as-awesome-but-still-neato Sacramento).  I started off my time in college with the intent to major in history so that I could write a book and then teach California history.  How's that coming along, you ask?  Well, I'm in accounting now, so that plan didn't work out.  I still love history, so I sneak my iPod in to work and listen while I do billing and other really boring stuff.  I've only recently unearthed proof that at least one root in my family tree extends across the pond to Wales, and now to Scotland.  To find out that the family is from someplace other than "the Midwest somewhere" is quite exciting.  This might explain why my gran had such a deep (and sometimes, slightly disturbing) attachment to all British-made things.  Especially East Enders and Prince Charles.  Now that there's a new episode, I'm off to do one of my favorite things -- wind yarn while learning something new!

From history to accounting...that's quite a jump! At least there's this podcast to keep you learning new things. I think it's awesome that you wind yarn while listening!