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Tim Waldron

So these shows take an historical event or person and fabricate a fictional story line around them, how is this different to what most historians do? they take one liners from the Anglo Saxon Chronicle and build a story, very little is based on fact.
Alfred (the Great) gave Bob some land in Kent suddenly becomes Bob a great warrior did this that and the other and was granted land.

Bernard Cornwall (writer of the last kingdom) is particularly good at taking a series of historical events and linking them together through a character, did someone called Uhtred exist? did he fight at 25 historically significant dark age battles? – highly doubtful but what the character does is link the series of events IE the decline of Wessex to the rise of Wessex. This is what the Anglo Saxon Chronicle (real history) doesn’t do for us alone.

Often the way a story is told is as important as the story itself

Personally I approve of anything that raises the profile of history even with its faults, If you have not seen it look up Micheal Woods “in Search of ” series I know there were some on Youtube

Wait until you see the Britannia series on Sky one, sort of based on modern Druids are all 1960s hippies therefore all historical druids must have been hippies