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Martha Svitskaya

Hi guys! I’m a nanny of 2 little devils in a family in Australia:)) “It’s a temporary position”, I tell myself and yep in a year and 6 month I’m still here! We’re saving money for a new house. I hope next August my husband and I gonna live in our own house in Melbourne(housing in Sydney is extremely expensive). In Melbourne I’ll study Child care and will try my luck of getting a position at pre-school or kindergarten as we call it in Australia. Or I’ll study baking and will bake bread. I like both.
I’m originally from Russia and started the BHP to improve my English skills. A fun fact is that when I started I could’t understand a thing! Yep! I was listening and didn’t understand! But I liked history so I continued to listen. I’m glad I didn’t stop! It’s awesome podcast! I like how Jamie makes history interesting! Thanks Jamie!