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I don’t have an insight on the story, but the story telling. I was previously familiar with this story from the Myths and Legends podcast, which I love and is fun, but definitely lighter in delivery. So hearing it from the BHP was like hearing the Dark Night version vs first Avengers movie version from the Myths and Legends. Or maybe a humorous anime version for the Myths and Legends version.

Your version definitely had more suspense. Despite the fact that I already knew the story, it felt like there were times when it was unclear if Cu Culainn would win or not. The Myths and Legends telling was more like a Hercules or Thor story, where you know he is going to win, it’s just how he is going to do it this time that becomes the unknown.

I also find it fascinating which current issues or pop culture you reference vs those things that are referenced in The History of England. I love both podcasts and hearing the same sections of history on both gives me a real feeling of your personalities, along with wider perspective on the topics. Although I must say that whenever Crowther does his tounge in cheek asides about the “fun sucking” academic types, with their sandals and elbow patches, are just taking all the fun out of a good story, I can’t help but picture you now. Not for the fashion choices, but for the academic deconstruction of the clean stories presented by people like Bede and Asser.

As long as this has diverged entirely from the thread topic, I’ll also add here that your choice of music makes me smile a big stupid grin. I think DMX’s X gonna give it to ya was maybe the best musical tie in yet. Completely unexpected and completely complimentary to the story as well. You faded it in at just the right bars.