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Anthony Diaz

I have subscribed to the Members’ Only feed using Pocket Casts since early 2016. However, I found that Members’ Only episodes have been downloading literally months’ late. The last one I downloaded was #77, from September–and it just arrived this past month, in April. At about the same time, I heard a promo of the ongoing Members’ Only discussion of The Last Kingdom, which made me realize how far behind I really was. I tried loading more episodes, then re-subscribing to the feed in Pocket Casts by typing: (I’m not sure how to export to XTML?) Alas, that only managed to advance me one episode, to November’s #78. I can see from the site that Jamie and Dr. Zee are up to about episode #84, now. Also, I noted that Pocket Casts did not prompt me for an ID or password, this time. Something seems to be amiss. For the time being, of course, I can listen to Members’ episodes on the website, but I’d prefer to learn about them and listen via my mobile.