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Marcus Cartier

I think I’ll jump on here and quickly describe my game as the Duchy of Bohemia (now Kingdom of Czechia, Kingdom of Poland, Kingdom Jerusalem) That I’m playing with a friend of mine (Duchy of Saxony). We started in the 1066 bookmark and decided we were bored of being a part of the HRE and we rebelled and succeeded! My Saxon friend got in a fight with Denmark while I started marrying children. Soon the HRE looked to reclaim land from Saxony and succeeded. My friend promptly rejoined the HRE, plotting to take back some of their land. When they came to me looking to take back land they were met with the might of Sweden, France, an engorged Poland and an engorged Hungary (They hungered for Wallachia’s land.) I was able to retain my land and later merge my kingdom (Bohemia) with Poland. Later my Saxon friend got an heir who is now possessed, a reincarnation of his Aunt, and Werewolf (And was elected Emporer when he wasn’t looking). He one a crusade and got me the kingdom of Jerualem. Now I have to consolidate my succession and expand northwards so I can form the Wendish empire (and rename it Grand Czechia). I may also absorb Sicily…