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I wanted to add, that just like the analysis of history requires a measure objectivity, reviewing dramatic content requires objectivity. Feelings to get in the way of fair assessment. For example, historically we don’t know if Ragnar was a real person or just a myth. The Vikings chose to show him as a person, with a continuity into multiple events. I don’t find this a reason to discredit the story, it is simply a creative freedom that would be covered by the need to create characters that people care about. When you say that someone lived and died on such and such date, we don’t care about them as a person. People starved to death, that’s just an event in time. Drama has the magic of creating characters that we actually care about and we can realize the culture and reasons for action of characters, otherwise completely foreign.

The bias of the podcast toward the show Last Kingdom and complete lack of respect for the Vikings is a problem for me. That’s why I’m quitting my support of the podcast. We can’t dissect historical sources and fight their bias, when we allow it in modern day. I believe that the contribution of the History Channel show the Vikings toward generating interest in the culture of the Vikings and toward telling their story is important and should not be discredited based on personal bias. As Romans used to say, the victors write history, but it is up to us to read between the lines and understand ourselves through history.