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Elwyn York

Having grown up in Wales there were a fair few times when we would meet people who had been caught out in the weather or lost and when they pronounced the place they needed to get to left us mystified.

Pen per cow was Penparcau (pronounced pen parr cai or pen parr key). But there were easy ones too.

Hawarden in North Wales is pronounced Harden

Yes, I’ve read a lot and yes, I’ve tried to get it right. But some people can read things and mis read them too. At work we use a system called ‘salvo’ to help secure tractor-trailers (LGV Trailers) when in their unloading phrase. Some of the drivers called it Savlo and were quite adamant until we got these and got them to spell out what was written on the device. But they held strong convictions they were right even when were presented with the evidence.

It just shows that the verbal way of communication of places and events go hand in hand with written records.