222 – Viking Kings and The Black Pool

At some point early in the Viking Age, a group of Northmen came across a natural harbor on the western side of the Irish Sea. Being that they were a seafaring people, having places in foreign lands where they could safely make port was a significant advantage. Orkney was already showing its usefulness, and now they needed another waypoint further… Read more →

Members Only 78 – The Science Shop Talk: Of Mice and Morlocks

This is a crazy one. We’re going to talk about science… but we’re also covering some of our stranger emails. NOTE: Zee is currently freaking out because she said electron when she meant neutron. Can we all just pretend that she said neutron, so she’ll stop panicking? Awesome. :) Thank you so much for supporting the podcast and being a… Read more →

221 – Alfred and Guthrum: The Price of Peace

When we left off, Guthrum had marched into the heart of Wessex without being noticed, lead his forces right past Alfred’s hold in Winchester, and seized the Royal tun of Wareham. In response to this, Alfred raised the Fyrd, marched upon the southern port town, and besieged it. Now all of our surviving sources are silent on how long this… Read more →

220 – Alfred and Guthrum: Magic, Madness, Heaven, Sin

It’s the year 876 and historians Dudo and Flodoard tell us that a fleet of Vikings slammed into the Frankish city of Rouen and nearly leveled it to the ground. In response to this attack, King Louis the Stammerer, brother of Judith, launched a campaign to oust them… but he never saw this completed because King Louis fell ill and… Read more →

217 – Halfdan’s Ravaging of the North

We begin our story in Alt Clut. Alt Clut was an ancient British Kingdom and it could trace itself back to Roman Britannia – and possibly even further. At the center of this kingdom was an old fortress on a River, the River Clyde. The Kingdom’s name derived from the Brythonic name for the rock featured by this fortress. Alt… Read more →