Members Only 76 – The Anglo Saxons and Islam (with a bonus Shop Talk)

What did the Anglo Saxons think about Islam? Well, it turns out the answer is a lot more complicated (and simple) than you might assume. Afterwards, Zee and I discuss the various sociological and anthropological theories that came up in the research of this episode. Thank you so much for supporting the podcast and being a part of this project!… Read more →

211 – The Battles of Basing and Meretun

It’s January of 871, still… A tremendous amount has happened in the last fortnight, and the year had barely even begun. People tend to compress the past… especially periods they are unfamiliar with… into short blurbs. It’s why many people are completely willing to accept minute by minute accounts of World War II, but balk at the idea of spending… Read more →

210 – The Battle of Ashdown

“God, in his goodness and justice so much offended by our sins, had thus worn down the lands and kingdoms of the Christians.” That’s a quote from Prudentius of Troyes, who was struggling to explain why the Franks met abysmal failure every time they fought the Scandinavians. While that quote came from from across the channel, and was written years… Read more →

208 – The Battle of Englefield

When we left off the Great Heathen Army had conquered East Anglia, established their dominion, and then a good portion of it returned to their territory of Jorvik. However, not everyone returned north or stayed in East Anglia. Their leaders, Ivarr and Ubbe… brothers in battle and sons of Ragnarr, departed. Some accounts state that Ivarr died, though records seem… Read more →

207 – Christianity in Early Danelaw

Here is part two to our story of religion and religious life at the age of the Great Heathen Army and the Danish invasion of Britain. Last episode, I told you about how the stories we’re often told – of violent atrocities committed against Christian spaces and against Christendom itself – didn’t actually originate from the 9th century, when they… Read more →