196 – Vikings and Mercs and Franks. Oh My!

When we left off last week we spoke about King AEthelberht’s ascension to the throne of Wessex in 860 and how, despite the insistence of the Chroniclers that his rule was marked by peace and tranquility, on that same year we had records of a Viking raid that struck the heart of the Kingdom of Wessex, Winchester… http://www.thebritishhistorypodcast.com/episodes/196.mp3Podcast: Play in… Read more →


195 – Red Sea Rising

Today’s episode will focus upon the goings on in Britain for King AEthelberht, AEthelred, and Alfred. We will also cover what has been happening up in Northumbria… and predictably, it involves a lot of civil war. We will also have a quick discussion about stats, because why not? (History of Britain, History of England, History of Wessex, Vikings) http://www.thebritishhistorypodcast.com/episodes/195.mp3Podcast: Play… Read more →


194 – My Big Fat Dark Age Wedding

King AEthelbald of Wessex, Queen Judith, Bjorn Ironsides, Prince Alfred, King Charles the Bald, Pope Nicholas I, Baldwin Iron Arm, Ivar the Boneless… this episode has it all! Here we are in 858 and everything has changed in Wessex. King AEthelbald has ascended to the throne and has married his father’s widow in an attempt to solidify his hold on… Read more →