Members Only 73 – Easter Eggs and Errors in The Last Kingdom: Episode 1

Zee and I discuss BBC’s amazing show, The Last Kingdom. Find The Last Kingdom at… BBC America. BBC Two. Amazon. And wherever else you access streaming downloadable content. Thank you so much for supporting the podcast and being a part of this project! As you know, this show is entirely member supported and if it wasn’t for your support the… Read more →


202 – The Fall of Eoforwic

When we left off last time, King Edmund of East Anglia had paid a Danegeld to the Great Heathen Army… and rather than leaving, the army had set up camp in his Kingdom. It was a situation that would have caused all manner of havoc for virtually everyone who lived in the small eastern Kingdom. Play in new window… Read more →


Members Only 72 – The Fury of the Northmen Part 14

When you think of the Northmen, what do you think about? Their famed longships, the drakkars? Swords and shields, perhaps? Maybe some of you think about the small farms that we’ve been speaking about. And hopefully none of you think about horned helmets and Chris Hemsworth. But I would wager that a good number of you are thinking about material… Read more →


200 – The Q&A

To celebrate the 200th episode, I took questions from the community which gave me a good excuse to complain about bad GI Joe villains, Rome, Lack of Sources, Rome, and a dearth of available female historical figures to crush on…. and Rome. (It was bad, you guys.) Guest spots from… Jamie Redfern of A History of the United States Podcast,… Read more →


199 – AEthelred vs Alfred: One of the Most Exciting Moments in Probate History

It’s 865 and we just had yet another King of Wessex die. Alfred has been losing family members fast and furious, and this time it was his older brother, King AEthelberht. What’s worse is King AEthelberht seemed like he was a pretty decent fellow, and Wessex could have really used long reign by a fair king with a sensible head… Read more →