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124 – Social Mobility: Getting a Raise in Anglo Saxon Kingdoms

Today we’re going to wrap up this talk that we’ve been having on the development of social classes in Anglo Saxon britain. Hopefully, once we’re done, much like our talks on other matters like food, clothing, and warfare… you’ll have a fuller understanding of who these people were, what their lives were like, and where we come from. http://www.thebritishhistorypodcast.com/episodes/124.mp3Podcast: Play… Read more →


123 – Retail Therapy: The Rise of Anglo Saxon Towns

Alright, lets get to history. Specifically, lets talk about towns. And to start with, lets establish a couple terms I’m going to be using a lot. When I talk about towns and cities, what I’m largely talking about are larger communities that have a permanent population of traders and craftsmen and whose economy is focused largely upon trade. Conversely, villages… Read more →


121 – King Oswiu: The Aftermath of the Winwaed

The Battle of the Winwaed is over and Penda is dead along with 30 noble warleaders who had joined him in battle… with them was King Anna’s brother, King AEthelhere of East Anglia… and as for King AEthelwald of Deira… well, I’m not sure what happened to him. But he isn’t in the histories any longer, so perhaps siding with… Read more →


119 – King Penda: No Posers

So where were we? Oswiu had arranged for the murder of his cousin, which is awkward in itself… but the slain King Oswine was also related to Eanflaed, Oswiu’s wife. So… even if Oswiu wasn’t fussed about kinslaying, chances are that dinner still had suddenly become a lot more awkward following that rather underhanded victory. So perhaps to appease Eanflaed,… Read more →


Members Only 49 – The History Channel’s Vikings: Part Five (Our National Nightmare Is Finally Over)

Thank you so much for supporting the podcast and being a part of this project! As you know, this show is entirely member supported and if it wasn’t for your support the main show wouldn’t be possible. I hope you enjoy this Member’s Only Episode, and if you have any trouble accessing it please don’t hesitate to contact me. You… Read more →


118 – Oswiu and Oswine: There’s No Anglo Saxon Word for Take Backsies

When we left off Cenwalh of Wessex had left his wife, irritated Penda (since his wife was Penda’s sister), and gained a fancy new wife but lost his kingdom when Penda arrived to have a little chat with him. So he did what many nobles of the time seemed to do… he fled into exile. In the case of Cenwalh… Read more →