Members Only 8 – Celtic Women

Celtic women!

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  1. Again really intersting stuff and characters

    re the the extra rights they had over Roman women – which is indeed true -although I think that its worth noting that Roman women had equally huge advantage over the majority Greek women.

    However the sources I have read also said that:

    Both boys and girls being educated and we know the Romans prized physical education for both.

    Roman women could also divorce- in fact that Roman marriage was pretty fluid except more for the rich and powerful – marriage was apparently more of a formaility and a coupel living together were considered marriage. Divorce weas equally informal and doweries would be given back, often women seem to have retained control over their property during the marriage and took it back when they divorced or were divorced by their husband?

    Romans do seem to have been somewhat wary, ok maybe better said to be terrified of powerful female rulers but whilst I can’t argue with the idea that Celtic women were and are formdiable – I do think the same can be said for Roman/ Italian women?

    There are certainly plenty of notable women of influence in Roman history – although again completely agree the Romans are often very uncomfortable about it!

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