Members Only 76 – The Anglo Saxons and Islam (with a bonus Shop Talk)

What did the Anglo Saxons think about Islam? Well, it turns out the answer is a lot more complicated (and simple) than you might assume.

Afterwards, Zee and I discuss the various sociological and anthropological theories that came up in the research of this episode.

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  1. I almost never comment on these things but this one prompted me to. I enjoyed the slight departure from the regular episodes and found it interesting to learn what the people at the time thought about other peoples far away. I hope you do more of these types of episodes. I want to know what the people in England thought about their neighbors up in Scotland as well as others around the world. After all we’re right in the middle of when the Radhanite trade network would have been operating so I’d appreciate your perspective. An interesting fictional film about English contact with the Arab world is The Physician (2013). We’re going to get to the Crusades eventually so that should be insightful.

    Side note about your co-host for shoptalk. I’m interested in what she has to say but the way she explains the topic is too academic sounding and sanitary. But maybe it’s just me, maybe I’m just too dense to appreciate it as is. Keep up the good work either way.

      1. Two guys discussing what the woman should be doing aside…keep doing what you’re doing: waiting for her finish and then reexplaining it to the audience in a way we can understand, preferably the way one explains things to a child, a five year old child at that. For some reason I get lost half the time in what she says but when you reexplain it it makes perfect sense. TY.

  2. I haven’t been listening for long, but I just wanted to say that I signed up for the membership because of episodes like these. Your narration of events and circumstances really comes alive when you can bounce ideas off another person.

  3. Hi Jamie, great job with the show. I was wondering if i could access the sources you used for the episode online. Keep up the good work!!

    1. Unfortunately, I relied primarily on journal articles and scholarly books, which are rarely made available freely online. If you have a JSTOR account with unrestricted access, that’s another matter. But as for just a general google search, they’re locked behind paywalls. Sorry!

    1. Oh, and there’s also a link to the audio book at Robin’s page (History of Byzantium).

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