Members Only 75 – Shop Talk on Cultural Hegemony

Zee and I discuss Cultural Hegemony.

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  1. More of this please! Love the behavioral economic analysis. Zee is a great explainer. Also appreciated the business-of-podcasting info. That’s why I support the many podcasters I appreciate.

  2. Awesome episode! So helpful to have discovered it this Thanksgiving day, while processing the political beliefs of others.

      1. Wow! Mind = blown. What I would give to be able to discuss recent events with Zee. And by discuss, I mean ask a LOT of questions. In lieu of that, I’ll be re-reading a few times. Thank you and Zee for making that available and accessible. It’s both depressing and hopeful.

  3. I am a Canadian who worked in USA healthcare and saw the tragedy of attaching healthcare to the job. People would lose their homes because they had no healthcare or had a pre-existing condition. The insurance comp. always made sure nothing got in the way of their profits or the huge financial rewards for their executives. You can find information about how the execs are compensated on-line.

  4. Concerning the phantom time hypothesis – I prefer the version of Philip K. Dick who doesn’t deal in half-measures and proposed that all time since about 50 AD was an illusion and we are really just in the time-period of the Book of Acts.

  5. This episode is excellent, I studied this stuff at University and this is the best, concise, explanation of Gramsci’s theory I’ve ever come across. More of this please!

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