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Zee and I discuss Cultural Imaginaries, among other things…. including our public feud with a podcasting conference and my love of poetry.

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  1. I think part of why I want to learn more about history, primarily Scandinavian, German, and British history, is the desire to learn more about what made my ancestors want to leave their home and come to America. Perhaps I’m guilty of molding them into what I want to believe about my family, but I also really want to know what they were thinking.

    Keep the history coming as you see it, its the history I need to hear.

  2. A few things that came to me as I was listening to this episode:

    1.) you mentioned Scotland, when will get to hear more of whats going up north in scottish lands. As correct me if I am wrong but didn’t the Norse settle most of the various islands around scotland?

    2.) in regards to Odin’s wand, I think it could be his spear, or it could be his family jewels?

    3.) and here you made me a bit sick at the Worms mentioned and what Jorvik was like.

    4.) I like this shoptalk you mentioned, and would be interested to listen to it.

    5.) In regards to Norse symbols, a lot of heathens as well as folk metal bands, like to use old nordic symbols without them being fascist/neo-nazi yet they get called that; of course it doesn’t help there are actual neo-nazi a-holes that are part of one or both groups to damage the symbols. It is something that many heathens I tend to follow hate as they, don’t like being lumped in with the racist ass-hats who are tarnishing their religion.

  3. I love the shoptalk episodes! It is extremely interesting, and the rapport between you makes it highly entertaining to boot.

    Just one comment (here I come with the pronunciation comments again..):
    Hearing you say AesIR is to me like if you’d say fishES. Could be that the pronunciation actually was different, but I would think the noun used, rather than the plural ending, should have the stress.

    Anyone reading this know more?

  4. A possible shoptalk topic. Doggerland. Through 23 and me, that’s where some of my ancestors came from. And Jamie and I show up as 2% related to each other. There have been recent findings of the ancient forest there under he north sea. When it was inundated, they went to Britain, not to the continent. That single decision meant SO much.

  5. Relistening and I got caught up in the poem thing.

    It is common for poems from this era, both from the nordics and from the anglo-saxons, to not use the same word for gods more than needed, instead using synonyms, sometimes creative ones.

    Re: Baldr, it comes from the original:

    ‘Hjoggum vér með hjörvi.
    Hitt lœgir mik, jafnan
    at Baldrs föður bekki
    búna veitk at sumblum.
    Drekkum bjór af bragði
    ór bjúgviðum hausa;
    sýtira drengr við dauða
    dýrs at Fjölnis húsum;
    eigi kømk með æðru
    orð til Viðris hallar.’

    Re: “wand” ‘Viðris vöndr’, vöndr is translated to wand/switch/twig/stripe in cloth, wand works best with the alliteration of the poem but Zee’s switch seems to work… ;)

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