Members Only 73 – Easter Eggs and Errors in The Last Kingdom: Episode 1

Zee and I discuss BBC’s amazing show, The Last Kingdom.

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  1. Hi, I also enjoyed The Last Kingdom. I’m a big fan of the books and was hoping the show would be as good. Very few disappointments so far. Just so you know, Cornwell adds a historical note at the end of each book, explaining at what points he contradicts actual history. Usually it’s a matter of placing real events at different points in time than which they actually occurred to move the story along, as with the 2 battles you mentioned. And sometimes he’ll just make the best possible guess that he can because, “we just don’t know.” Finally, it’s been renewed and Season 2 is scheduled to run sometime in the fall.

    1. Oh cool! I keep hearing good things about his books, and I’m pleased to hear he does that. I’ll have to check them out once I get a break from research… so probably sometime in 2035. ;)

    2. Brilliant episode, finally I am a full member!
      I would like to comment that to my memory in the books the danes in fact lured the saxons into a trap by building a fort within a fort.
      Rather than the Saxons running fataly into a shield wall.

  2. I am a new member, old listener (I’m in the 180s on episodes), and I also watch the Last Kingdom which will be out again in 2017 due to its new NETFLIX/BBC partnership. Have you done any other reviews of The Last Kingdom besides Members Only episode 73?

  3. Re-listening to some of your episodes. Somehow I missed some along the way. I’ve seen The Last Kingdom, but now I need to go back and watch it again. Now, in
    May 2017, it’s still streaming on Netflix. Love to hear your assessment. You and Zee make it so much more fun! Thank you.

  4. I’m watching S1 for the first time, partially prompted by being in the Anglo-Saxon era in your pod. I’m glad to hear it is relatively historically accurate, however one gripe of mine is the Northumbrians lack of Northumbrian accent. Particularly as a Scottish Borderer myself, being from just north of the tweed and sharing a similar dialect to the Geordies, the Angle origins of our Scots language/dialect is an interest and I would have love to have seen it being accurately represented in the show. I found this article which gives an overview of the accent and given the existing Geordie (and for that matter Scots) dialects striking similarities to the old tongue it would have been great to see.

  5. Jamie, The book nor the TV show claim there are three kings in the area – Uhtred the elder clearly says to osbert we were once kings in this area (ie Benicia referring to Ida his ancestor)

  6. The books are much better than the show. Many of your complaints the show aren’t issues in the books.
    I had to turn the show off the first time I started watching it, because of the cringe worthy first battle. But eventually came back to it and forced myself to overlook the BBC nonsense
    He has also written several other series of books in different eras.
    They are all very good. He does his research and lists his sources in some of the books. He also tends to note when he takes battles out of order to fit his story line.

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