Members Only 65 – The Fury of the Northmen Part 9: Marriage

Too Fast Too Furious.

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  1. I am a dedicated feminist; and it may be a double standard; but I can totally understand why the penalties for adulterous wives were so strictly enforced. Imagine Leif coming home after years of travels to find his wife has borne him a son; a son that couldn’t be his, and who looks curiously like his neighbor Eric!

  2. Greetings from a danish language and literature student! Bryllup according to my danish etymological dictionary means as you say “bride run” but it refers to the procession as part of the ceremony :) btw your pronunciation is not bad at all – especially with the danish place names.

  3. Another Interesting topic and cast – thanks- I thought it was interesting that the type of marriage talked about does seem to be pretty common in pre Christian societies – even in Ancient Rome and although the latter was very patriarchal, women could divorce and recover their dowry in much the same way as the Vikings – and as I read it even gifts between spouses were seen as loans so that if a couple divorced or even lived apart (!), the giver could reclaim the gift.

    It does seem (at least to me) that that the later restrictions and indeed removal of rights for women within marriage do seem to be almost entirely through the Christian Church? I guess the same happens in Scandinavia as it had done in the rest of Europe….

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