Members Only 24 – Saint Patrick Part 4

When we left off, Patrick was going home after spending years in captivity. He trekked through hostile and unfriendly lands, and managed to find a way to get onto a ship, even though the captain was reticent and the crew had a rather odd request that Patrick refused…

But whatever… he was going home!

And he tells us that he sailed for 3 days with this crew. Much like most of the story he tells us, this seems a bit odd. Three days could have taken him as far as Gaul. But Patrick says that he was going home, and he’s already told us that he’s from Britannia. Which means that going home was a short trip across the Irish sea. It would take significantly less than 3 days. Actually, they would have had to have gone at a rather lazy and meandering pace for it to take them 3 days, and even then it would have meant the trip went to the extreme tips of Britannia.

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