Members Only 21 – The Anglo Saxon Ale Experiment

You’ve heard about it, you’ve wondered about it, you’ve even asked about it. But to date, all you’ve known about this experiment is that it didn’t kill me. Well, here it is! The Anglo Saxon Ale Experiment, complete with reviews from tasters!

Thank you so much for supporting the podcast and being a part of this project! As you know, this show is entirely member supported and if it wasn’t for your support the main show wouldn’t be possible. I hope you enjoy this Member’s Only Episode, and if you have any trouble accessing it please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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  1. Hello! I’ve just re listened to this episode and I really enjoyed it, I do quite a lot of home brewing (mostly wines) but I’d quite like to give the ale a try – do you have a link to the recepie or any tips?? Thank you!

  2. Hi Jamie,

    I’ve brewed around four batches of beer! I want to give this a try. Any chance I could get a recipe? Thanks.


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