Members Only 10 – Celtic Warriors

Celtic Warriors!

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  1. Thanks for this – a couple of things come to mind –

    The dang chariots – there’s still a gap in the picture, for me, in the interaction of the Roman legions and the Celtic chariots. For example, it may well be that the Romans had not encountered chariots in war for a couple of hundred years and this can explain their discomfort when J Caesar invaded Britain… but doesn’t that cut both ways? Why did the Celts have such effective tactics to use against the legions when presumably they were also encountering these for the first time? Did it just work out that way, that by chance the chariot warfare was energetic enough and flexible enough to work well and legion style discipline did not work well? It’s not quite convincing.
    On the heedless-of-danger savagery front, think I read that the Celts were thought to have a world view that included the idea that death was simply a door into another perfectly acceptable life, and not an end. Which is pretty convenient, I suppose, in a society fond of warfare.
    The disconnect you describe between Britons/Celts and Roman culture – as in the different reactions to a one on one battle of the champions – brings to mind descriptions of European settlers’ interaction with the native Americans. I imagine there are a number of similarities that would be interesting to delve into.

  2. cavalry and chariots will always be effective against infantry all things being equal esp with lances spears etc even though thru majority of ” dark ages” horses were a mode of transportation to the big event. then the knights etc dismounted and fought on foot.

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