1. Another good enjoyable discussion – thanks to the both of you. In terms of contempoary cultural depictions would you look to review some of the many novels that are set during the various periods from different points of view. On the subject of the hsitorical sex trade – have you read “City of Sin” by Catherine Arnold which describes the trade in London from the Roman period onwards.

  2. I think a hard part about accusations of “politicizing history” generally, is that so much of peoples political ideologies depend on where they believe they stand as a point on a long historical trajectory. In general, my experience is that people of all political ideologies tend to like to construct historical narratives that lack nuance so that they can “be on the right side of history”, or whatever. Fundamentally, I think this is because many people are fairly insecure in their views if the entire teleological progress of time doesn’t exactly confirm that they are right

  3. Love how you commented on Cheddar Man. When I saw the results myself, I was shocked and amazed!! I do believe that we ,as a society, need to start to see the truth that we all had ancestors that were dark skinned. You both put a beautiful commentary on this fact.
    That you both again for the amazing work you do and the entertainment you give us.

  4. Given that humans came out of Africa, how could we NOT have black or dark skin at some point? I didn’t see the FB comments, but I commend you both for dealing with it with a certain amount of compassion (plus science!). I myself am running out of patience with people’s fixed, narrow views about their places in the world.

  5. Amazing episode but… black panter.. cone on… I freaking love the Marvel movies and this one was just pure cinematic sh%$ .. bad acting worst dialongs and such a flat script… O man.. I was just so disappointed with this movie..

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