1. At the end of the season…I was half expecting to see Uhthred wake up in his bed in bebbenburg after an accident. This ‘journey’ of his is so ‘fantastic’ that I was sure that we were in Uhthred’s coma dream!

  2. Any series that relates to Alfred would be worth watching,The Last Kingdom wasn’t too bad at all. My favourite character was Athelwold, a splendidly oily little arse of a man. Far more enteetaining than he’d been depicted as the child he would really have been when the show was set.
    I was pleased to find that the Anglo-Saxons had a specific word for a pain in the buttocks, Endewærc. In a time when people had little descriptors tacked on to their names e.g. Eric Bloodaxe, Edmund Ironside and so on. Athelwold Endewærc, Athelwold Pain in the arse has a nice ring to it.

  3. I enjoyed watching the Extras section on, The Last Kingdom DVD about the how & the where of their filming of the show.
    And after listening to this members podcast I have an unfathomable desire for you to do a members podcast on the how & where of their filming.

  4. ha ha love the WoW references ;) i played a shadow priest so Im claiming Iseult (even though Im still cross about the Cornish being quite so weird in the Last Kingdom -_- )

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