Members Only 78 – The Science Shop Talk: Of Mice and Morlocks

This is a crazy one. We’re going to talk about science… but we’re also covering some of our stranger emails.

NOTE: Zee is currently freaking out because she said electron when she meant neutron. Can we all just pretend that she said neutron, so she’ll stop panicking? Awesome. :)

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  1. I’m just a poor history major put I was pretty sure isotopes had something to do with neutrons and the nuclei of atoms. Aren’t electrons chemistry? Bill

    1. She blanched when I mentioned this, and then we issued corrections on social media, the site, and on the episode itself. Zee meant to say neutron but instead said electron.

  2. Cracked me up that you read my post in the episode. I think you and Zee totally got what I meant though. By the time you got around to the isotopes she was prompting you to ask questions and it really help break down and explain certain concepts. Great work. Also, do you think you can cover science in the period? What role if any did it play in society. What was preserved from Roman times and how accepting was the culture. You explained “Dark Age” medicine, maybe science is worth talking about? We’re people just being burned as witches or what? Keep up the good work.

  3. I think the name of the main character in *The Time Machine* was “the time traveller”. An unusual name, but easy to forget.

    And Jaime, you should just embrace it. You are just soo, an Eloi.

    Not sure about Zee though. She seems to be a bit of a mofo.

  4. I love these episodes, always fun and just as informative as the show. Must say thank you BHP for all the laughs and head scratching thought.

  5. I’m a ginger!! I’m so offended!! Because only a ginger can call another ginger ginger. Carry on. (please note this is extremely tongue in cheek.)

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