288 – Extracurricular Activities

I wonder if King Rudolph of France resented his crown.

I mean, seeking the crown probably seemed like a good idea at the time but the whole thing had been turning out to be an enormous headache. And it all started when Rudolph’s father in law (Robert) rebelled against King Charles and drove him into Lorraine. Pretty soon thereafter, Robert got himself crowned as King of the Franks. And that’s not too bad… a father in law who was King of the Franks? Sounds great.

The trouble, though, was that Charles was still out there, and he had allies. One was Rollo, the Viking Duke of Normandy. But it didn’t stop there, Charles also had the Lotharingians. And sure enough it wasn’t long before Charles came screaming back into France supported by a Lotharingian army… and while Charles was no match for the Frankish military and he was forced to flee the field with what was left of the Lotharingian men… they still managed to deal a serious blow to the new ruling order of France. Because King Robert of the Franks lay dead in the field.

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Members Only 93 – Slavery: Foundations

So when I started looking into this topic I was intending to do a single episode. But the rabbit hole goes deep, and so this is part one of a series. Buckle up.

287 – The Conquest of Scotland

For the last six years, AEthelstan had been ruling in a manner that hasn’t been seen in Britain for generations. Beyond being a warlord, or even a King… AEthelstan was acting more like an Emperor. All of the Anglo Saxon territories were annexed into his new Kingdom of England, the Kings of Wales were now mere members of his Court, and he was receiving tributes and gifts from Scotland, Norway, and Frankia. And the next generation of monarchs were living in his Court.

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